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Questions and Answers

Click to View - Are we talking about Selling Digital in most cases? +

Not necessarily, you could be selling a service for your brick and mortar business from a webinar also. For example, a gym instructor could teach 3 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds in 4 Weeks and then on the webinar guide people into signing up for some 1-on-1 personal training sessions with them.

So definitely they are great for digital products (like all of mine are) but also for real world services also. Webinars work for everything.

Click to View - Are you envisioning for us some sort a Membership Site? +

There are two answers for this question - Yes and No :-)

People who sign up for your webinar and buy your product/service can be taken somewhere where you will deliver the product from. Like most of my products this could be within a members area but it could be done on just normal web pages. You don't have to build a complicated members area in the beginning, although if you want to I would recommend this.

People who sign up but DON'T buy your product would be treated differently to your buyers. They would receive emails from you trying to sell them into your webinar program and this would be handled by your auto-responder system. I use Get Response for this and you can start with a 30 day trial so that's what I'll be recommending in the training.

Click to View - There seems to be a whole ''biz in a box'' feel to this and... +

Q - There seems to be a whole ''biz in a box'' feel to this and a bunch of intricate parts to assemble to get to a first 495 sale?

A - I wouldn't say "biz in a box" although a well structured and running webinar can produce a healthy income to live off of - I know this myself.

But you're right, there are intricate things to assemble and that's the real "meat & potatoes" of what I'll be guiding you through. If you get these wrong or leave them out you will struggle to sell high priced products but if you set your webinar up correctly, and you will, making high priced sales will become the norm.

Click to View - Will everything be covered? +

100% Yes. The reason I say this is I plan to make Instant Webinar Publisher the best course of it's kind online. A lofty goal I know but that's what I'm aiming for.

As an Early Adopter you have a direct say in what I cover in the course. I have the main program mapped out but if there's anything I've left out you can tell me and then I'll create new training to cover it.

Because if I do that, when the course is finished I know I'll have something I can create a webinar for and sell for 997, or maybe a bit more.

Click to View - How long with the Course be? +

It will be a solid 6 Week course + maybe a little longer as I will be creating extra training based off feedback from members.

But 6 Weeks is very fast. When I learned how to do webinars I did it all by myself and I failed for a solid 12 months before I cracked it and I've been working on it ever since to make my process better. And that's what I will be teaching in the course so I think 6 weeks is a good about of time to cover everything in.

Click to View - The webinar and product we build will be unique to me?... +

It will be unique to you. In the course I'm going to show you how to write your own webinar using my template, but the product that will be sold on it will be yours. It can be a product or a service but it will be your asset. I'll also be covering in the training how to come up with a good webinar product if you don't already have an idea of what you'd like to sell.

Click to View - Will this work with every platform out there? +

What I will be teaching will work with any webinar platform - or even if you just want to sell from a simple video. It's the webinar structure and strategies I use for selling which are the most valuable part of the program. Once you have your webinar you can power it with any platform or as I said just use it as a video.

I'll also show you how I set up my webinars in the platform I use but that's just so I leave no stone unturned - the main value is in the content I will share on creating your webinar etc. etc.

Click to View - I'm scared of doing a Webinar. Can I do this? +

Yes you can do this because in this new program I am going to teach you how to create the Perfect Webinar and then how to Automate it so you will not have any of the tech problems like you've seen on Live Webinars.

So if you are scared or nervous of doing a Live Webinar then you will be very happy by what I will show you in the course.

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