[FREE TRAINING] How to Build a High Traffic Blog from Scratch

I was doing some work on the blog recently and I found myself reading a post called The Beginning – which was the first ever article I posted. What caught my eye was that it was from way back in 2012 when I first found my way into the online world. Back then I was literally…

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3 Tips for a Killer Website Logo

One thing that all of us who run any kind of a Business or Website have in common is the need for an Awesome Logo. It’s something that is really important and I think that’s why graphic designers can command such high fees when creating them. Luckily for me I don’t have to rely on…

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[PDF] All the Tools and Resources I Use to Run My 6 Figure Online Business

I often get asked what tools and resources I use to run my business so I decided to put together a PDF Report so you will have all the tools I use at your fingertips. All the tools and resources in it are the ones I use on a daily or weekly basis to Run…

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6 Ways You Can Use Banner Ads on Your Site

Website Banner Ads

One thing that all of my websites have in common is the fact that I use Banner Ads on every single one of them. So that’s 30 of my Websites running hundreds of ads each and every day. I use Banner Ads so much on my sites that I developed not one, but two different…

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