22 Powerful Tools I Use to Run My Online Business

22 Powerful Tools I Use to Run My Online Business

I often get asked what tools do I use to run my Online Business so I thought I take some time and put together a post of all the best ones that help make my life easier. Some of these I’ve been using for years and really help me to automate so many tasks it’s unbelievable.

So here are the tools that allow me to do what I do….


Website Builder/WP Theme

Optimize Press

Every single one of my websites are built using Optimize Press 2. When I find a software that works for me I tend to stick with it and not jump from one to another. I like to be consistent with my brand and the user experience I offer my customers and with OP I can do everything that I need to do plus more. Used for Sales & Squeeze Pages, Members Areas and this Blog for example.


Bridge Page Builder

Commission Gorilla (an Example of Commission Gorilla in Action)

I only recently invested in Commission Gorilla but already it is quickly becoming my favorite tool. It’s what I call a “Bridge Page Builder” and allows you create Bonus/Overview Pages for a variety of purposes. It’s great for affiliate promotions because it’s very drag & drop and allows you to pull in Bonus Blocks that you want to offer to your audience. It also auto-builds the Bonus Delivery Pages which is a huge timer save for me.


Membership Site Security & Software Licensing

Insta Member

Insta Member is what I use to protect and manage all my membership sites as well as license our software. I’ve tried a lot of different membership plugins in the past (such as Wishlist Member) and it is by far and away the best. I’m sure any of my customers reading this will know how easier it is to use our members areas and it’s all down to this awesome software – I don’t think I could manage without this one, it’s that important to what I do each day.


Website Back-Ups

iSnap Pro

This is our own WordPress Back-Up plugin that allows us to store our sites back-ups in a variety of different Third Party Locations as well as on our own server. The cool thing about it is that it not only backs-up our sites but also let’s us to restore our websites from our clean back-ups in only 30 seconds. So as you can image it’s very important, especially when you run as many websites as we do.


Email Service Providers

Get Response

Sendlane (Video Demo)

I use both of these services to send out my emails and they make it very easy for me to keep in touch with my subscribers and also run my auto-responder series. Having a good email service provider is very important to any marketer and these are the two solutions that I use right now.



Liquid Web (Websites)

I’ve been with Liquid Web for over 2 years and it’s the best money I’ve spent on my business. Fantastic hosting and they have the best customer support out there. Anytime I have a problem I just jump on Live Chat and I’m speaking to one of their American Support Team right away. If they were an Amazon product I’d be giving them 5 Stars in my review!

Amazon S3 (Images, Product Files)

I use S3 to store all the big images we have on our sales pages and also to deliver some product files and bonuses. It’s very, very fast and only costs a couple of bucks a month to run which I feel is great value for the amount of use I get out of it.


Project Management

Asana (Free Account is what I use)

I use this Daily to manage my team and keep track of projects and different tasks we are working on. I use the Free Version and it does everything I need and more – a really great tool to keep organized and productive each day.




I use this to talk with my team each day and it’s invaluable to my business. Sometimes the simplest tools are the best and although Skype is Free it’s definitely one of the best software and I use each and everyday at work.


Payment Systems


I use this for allowing affiliates to promote my products and it’s a great platform for selling digital products and software through.


Every online marketer needs a PayPal account because it’s so easy to use and can integrate with many other platforms. I use it in conjunction with JVZoo to accept and send payments in my business.


Recording and Editing Videos

Screen-o-matic 2

The Pro Version of this software is only $15/year and it’s so awesome it’s untrue. This cheap little tool has replaced so many expensive, clunky alternatives that I’ve used in the past and I use it on a weekly basis to record a variety of different videos. It has some really cool features like auto-uploading to YouTube, Vimeo etc. and it has some great editing features as well.


I’ve had this for a long time and use whenever I really want to add some super impressive effects to a video, usually for sales page videos. The rest of the time I pretty much stick with Screen-o-matic 2 but if you are a heavy user Camtasia is a market leader in video editing and is very well supported.


Mind Mapping

MindNode Pro (both Mac and iPhone Apps)

A premium Mind Mapping app that’s cool because you can sync up the desktop version to your phone so any changes you make on one are shown in the other. Great for keeping track of ideas when you’re away from your desk.



Any of our Wizard Software (link opens a new page where all are Listed)

Depending on what kind of graphic I need I’ll select one of our Wizard Software and quickly design it using one of the Ready Made Templates. I always like to use my own software and our Graphics Wizards have saved me thousands in designer fees over the years.


Domain Registrar


I have registered all my domain names through Namecheap. It’s an easy to use platform and it very easy to manage all my domains. Quick, easy and it works.


Link Tracking

Link Supercharger

This is a one-click web based script that I use to track and redirect my links. It makes my life so easy because if I need to change the destination URL for a link I simply change it in the software and when I click save it updates it on all of my websites. So no need to spend hours manually changing links. One of my favorite tools and I use it every day.


Website Speed

Rapid Ranker (Video Demo)

This is a website caching and speed optimization plugin that I use on our sales pages to make them load faster for visitors. There’s nothing worse than a slow site, especially on a sales page, and Rapid Ranker helps me increase site speed by up to 2-300% on average.


Countdown Timers

Countdown Monkey

I’ve been using this web based countdown software for nearly 2 years now and will be for the long-haul. Like a lot of the tools on this page it is created by friends of mine and I can’t tell you how awesome it is. Adding scarcity to a sales page is proven to double or triple conversions so I use it on all my products to let visitors know when the discount is ending etc. so I can maximize my sales.


Website Terms & Legal Pages

Insta Legal Pages (Video Demo)

I use this to add my Terms of Use and all those other required Legal Documents to the footer of my sales pages. It’s a WordPress Plugin that creates all 9 of them for you with just one click. A super valuable tool and something that everyone with an online presence needs on their sites.


Customer Support


I’ve used ZenDesk for running my Customer Support Team for years now and although I only have a small plan it is perfect for everything I need it to do. It makes looking after our customers very easy and efficient and it’s cool to see everything being handled in one central location. A great tool for my team and also for my customers.


What Tools Do You Use?

So there are 22 of the best tools that I use to run my business. Any tools that you love and can’t live without? Leave a comment below and I might try it out for myself 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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  1. Hi Noel

    An interesting article and I will be checking out your tips in order to better my personal marketing

    I look forward to reading your next post

    All the best


    • Noel

      Glad you enjoyed it Barry.



  2. Glad to have read your post, Noel. I wanted to give my visitors a top-level customer experience and I think I’ll go for the WP Builder you mentioned. I think it’s really cool to run your site in WordPress. Thank you also for mentioning this Rapid Ranker and Zendesk, this is the key to optimizing my customers’ experience in visiting my site.

    • Noel

      Awesome, thanks James – I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂



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