You may notice from the layout of my blog that there is something missing….can you see it yet? That’s right, I have no Header on my site yet!

You see, it’s very hard to do everything yourself and one of the most important lessons I have learned is to know when to delegate tasks to others who are more competent in that area than you are. Unfortunately, I’m not an expert in graphic design and although I am pretty handy with various software I just couldn’t spare anytime today to create a Header for this blog. So what did I do? Well, I outsourced this task to a professional graphics designer for pennies!

There is a fantastic site called fiverr which is a collection of people who offer endless amounts of different services for the pricely sum of $5. You can get just about anything on fiverr, from the extreme to the bizarre. Inย  my case I needed somebody to create me a banner for this site so I popped on over there and had a look around for a few minutes till I found someone I liked.

I selected the “Gig” and paid my 5 Bucks and will receive my professionally designed header in the next few days. You see, the point which I wanted to impress upon you today is that Outsourcing is not some high-class, complicated business arrangement which is beyond the reach of us mere mortals. It’s for Everyone and it’s very affordable and easy to do!

I love fiverr and regularly use their Sellers for various odd jobs which I can’t be bothered to do myself. Time is a finite resource and we only have 24 hours in everyday so it’s important to manage your time efficiently and only spend time on tasks that need your attention. Don’t try to Master everything – pick your most important tasks and outsource things that don’t need your personal attention.

How long would I have wasted if I had persevered and tried to make my own Header for the blog? Knowing me, I would have wasted the best part of a day on this one task alone. And I managed to Outsource it all to a full-time designer for only $5.

I think it was the right decision – do you?


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    • Paul

      Hey Noel,

      I really enjoyed this post, I’m a big believer in outsourcing certain tasks as well. I also used Fiverr to create a portion of my header (the drawing of my face) and just filled in the rest with some cool graphics editor.

      I think outsourcing is definitely something everyone can and should be looking into from day 1 – especially on the things that we just can’t do ourselves – like create professional graphics, etc.

      I just started with an outsourcer to create a special plugin that I will be selling on the warrior forum, so you really can outsource absolutely everything! Any idea you have can become a reality with the help of an outsourcer.

      Great article my friend!


      PS. You should check out our blog commenting tribe so you can load your posts with good comments.

      Later Noel

      • Noel

        Hey Pauly,

        I was actually admiring your blog header and thinking “why didn’t I do something like that?” Looks really good.

        Glad you enjoyed the post, I’m still very new to outsourcing tbh but I now see it as a fundamental component to my business going forward.

        You plugin idea sounds interesting, you must let me know before that comes out;) It’s really great to be able to come up with an idea for something but being able to outsource all the work & worry to someone else ๐Ÿ™‚

        Nice job – Noel.

    • Sylvia

      Hi Noel,

      The advice on your post is great and your decision is dead on! Fiverr is awesome, outsourcing can be easy, and you gotta know when to get help.

      Thanks for illustrating how easy it can be and reminding us how to work smarter!


      • Noel

        Sylvia – thanks so much for dropping by! Ya, outsourcing doesn’t have to be the big, scary thing that some people are afraid of even thinking about anymore! It’s a great way to leverage your time and allow you to work on urgent tasks whilst outsourcing some stuff to professionals. I couldn’t live without fiverr!

    • Marius

      Hey Noel,
      Very good post! Outsourcing is the key when you don’t know how to do a specific task or you don’t have enough time. It’s about priorities. I used fiverr in the past and it’s a great platform where you can find profesionals to do a job for you.
      Keep it going , bro!


      • admin

        Thanks Marius – you got it man, it’s all about priorities! It’s very easy in this game to become a “Jack of all trades, but a Master of none” and it’s that mindset that I get into when I assess whether to bring in outside help for a specific task. Ya, I love fiverr – it’s so easy to get a job done well and done fast, such is the network of people on there! Thanks for your input;)

    • Luca Zanni

      Noel, great post! I see the power of outsourcing, I’m using it to build my twitter presence. But I’m not using fiverr, but a dear friend that lives near my house and wants to learn internet marketing too ๐Ÿ™‚

      How much did you have to wait until the header was ready? And what kind of instruction did you gave to him? Was it difficult? I never outsourced for a graphic work and I’m curious about it ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Noel

        Hey Luca,

        Thanks for dropping by. The outsourcing of the header to fiverr took me about five minutes Lol

        It took the guy 4 days to deliver (the time varies depending on the seller) The only instruction I gave him was the Title/Subtitle and Header size. If I had a logo or graphics to hand he could have worked with them but alas I was too lazy for that:(

        It’s a pretty simple header but it’ll do fine for now and the best bit about it…it cost me less than the price of a beer:)

    • Muhsin

      Hey Noel,

      I enjoyed reading this post. I myself do not have a header yet for my blog and have been considering to use fiverr.
      Now I feel more confident in outsourcing my header too because it is something that I do not want to waste my time with.

      Once again thank you for this wonderful post.;)
      P.S: Hope you can drop by my blog for some constructive feedback on how I am doing


      • Noel

        That’s great Muhsin, glad to hear that!
        Your blog is coming along nicely:) Look forward to seeing your progress over the coming months!

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