So today I spent sometime installing the Profit Pulling Platform that Alex Jeffrey’s provided for me over in the members area of his Coaching Program. You can see and rate my efforts here. It’s essentially a list building machine which will allow me (fingers crossed) to get up and running fast!

I bought myself a domain name and uploaded the site to my hosting account. It was a pretty painless process but it did take me a couple of hours to complete. Once I had the site online I headed over to my autoresponder provider, Aweber and created a new form which would allow me to capture the names and email addresses of anyone who visited the site. The beauty of this system is that I can use it as a benchmark for any other site that I set up in the future. From the training provided I can clearly understand the steps involved in setting up a website and how to use it build a list and make some sales fast!

How fast I’m not sure at the moment… But the mantra that I’ve been following is to Drive Targeted Traffic to a Related Offer = Conversion = Sales = Money in the Bank!

I have the related offer part nailed to all I have to do now is to send some Targeted Traffic to this page and I should see some sign-ups to my list. To help me with this I created a short Power Point Presentation and Recorded a short video about Online Marketing. I uploaded this to Youtube and performed some On & Off Page Optimization on it. I’m counting on this to direct some traffic to my squeeze page so I can capture their details.

The thing about Video Marketing that I really love is that once it’s up and running it works non-stop 24/7 – 365 Days a year. I really love this form of marketing for generating leads and have used it in the past. With Youtube videos being streamed 4 Billion times per day it really can bring some awesome benefits to your business!

I will also be employing some other traffic generation techniques but they can wait until tomorrow. That’s when I’m going to add some serious Targeted Traffic to my PPP and start building my first ever IM list!



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    4 replies to "PPP and Video Marketing Set Up"

    • Brooklyn


      Great job on getting everything up and running! I’m still having issues with my PPP, so I’m building my own (kind of).

      I’m with you on the video marketing. I started adding videos to my own blog posts, and the response has been awesome. People really like to connect with you and having video really does that!

      As far as the formula goes (Traffic+Offer….$) I love the simplicity. The early stages are a bit difficult, but once it gets momentum I can really see how it will all come together.

      Great Start!


      • admin

        Thanks Brooklyn, yup there’s quite a bit of work getting everything rockin’ but I’ll get there in the end!

        I saw your video and I thought it was great – straight away you can see your engaging with a “real” person and your visitors will begin to trust you so much faster than other mediums.

        I think with the formula it’s good to remind ourselves sometimes that there is light at the end of the tunnel, I find some of this IM stuff overwhelming at times but when you step back and look at it in simple terms it all seems more achievable, you know?

        Thanks for your comment;)

    • Clare Thwaites

      Hey Noel, Looks good! Good luck with it! 🙂 Still setting mine up – great choice of domain name too!! 🙂 Best wishes Clare 🙂

      • Noel

        Cheers Claire – thanks for the support!

        Looking forward to seeing yours 🙂

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