It’s been quite a while since my last post, I didn’t intentionally leave it this long but I’ve been very busy lately and have found myself traveling a lot. Sometimes for business and sometimes for fun. What I wanted to touch on today is the importance of people and how they can have a huge influence on how successful you become and how long it takes you to fulfill your potential.

One of the places that I found myself on my travels was a marketing event in the UK, I don’t usually go to these type of things but it came highly recommended so I thought why not? A weekend in some nice hotel won’t do me any harm. I knew quite a few people who would be attending, many of which I’ve done business with in the past or just people I’ve connected with through various FB Groups and Skype channels I’m in. At this particular event there were a lot of guest speakers, all very successful marketers and business consultants who gave presentations and kept us entertained during the day…..but the real fun was had when the seminars were over.

You see they’re called “Networking Events” for a reason because you get the chance to mingle and interact with a lot of people you wouldn’t normally have access to. Everyone is there for the same reason so it’s very easy to approach people you want to talk to and introduce yourself over a drink. This kind of thing is invaluable to anyone because success breathes success. No matter what you do in life if you can surround yourself with the right people, perhaps people who have done what you’d like to do then you can fast forward you’re own success 10-fold.

So how did I fair over the weekend? And was it worth attending?

I can honestly say it was one of the most fun weekends I’ve enjoyed in a long time. I got to catch-up with a lot of friends and made twice as many new ones. But what surprised me most was how friendly and genuine a lot of the big guys were. They were very down to earth type people and very generous with their time. I guess I should have suspected that they would be but you hear so many negative stories online that they can indirectly influence your perception of what someone is like, even before you’ve met them yourself.

What kind of marketers did I get the chance to hang out with? Well I’m not going to name names or anything like that but I can tell you….. I met a guy who has a 6, nearly 7 figure software business, an Amazon Super Affiliate who earns mid-5 figures per month and a guy who has worked behind the scenes on some of the biggest launches online. But my highlight would have to be on the Sunday after the event finished. A lot of people were leaving to get flights back to their own parts of the world but they’re was still a nice intimate crowd left who were staying another night.

I ended up going out for dinner with around 10 people, the majority of which were speakers at the event. I could hardly believe it, I was having a meal with some super successful people and they were all so friendly and nice. But the fun didn’t end there. Afterwards we went back to the hotel and partied on through the night (thanks to the friendly hotel staff) until at 6.45 am one of the guys (who happens to be the man behind the biggest WSO launch in history) reminded me to get a move on or I’d miss my flight.

Then incurred the dash back to my hotel room, a rather hastily packed bag and very fast cab to the airport. Luckily enough my flight was delayed so I just about made on time. I got home in one-piece but still amazed by the people I got to meet and the connections I made.

So obviously I’d say it was well worth going to and if you ever get the opportunity to attend one of these events then you got to take it! Who knows I might bump into you there and we can have a drink and a chat?

Cheers for reading and I’ll try not leave it so long between posts the next time lol


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    • Guy Martin

      Hey Noel,

      Good to see you posting again. As usual, another interesting subject. I’ve always wandered what goes on during these high-profile events. I hope someday to be in a position to do just that. Thanks for sharing your adventure… and keep posting my friend.


      • Noel

        Hey Guy,

        Yes it was a great weekend, I really enjoyed it and recommend everyone interested in marketing to go to one at some stage. I think you’d get a lot out of it.

        Hope all is well with you!


    • Jude Banks

      Hello Noel,

      Thanks for sharing your experience at the marketing event in the U.K. It sounds like you had a great time.

      Meeting people face to face after knowing them only through online interaction must be a real buzz.

      Let’s face it, social media has its uses, but online is no substitute for offline when it comes to interacting with like-minded people.

      I enjoyed reading your post – thanks!

      Jude Banks recently posted…Is It Your Online Business Or Just A GameMy Profile

      • Noel

        Hi Jude,

        It was quite surreal if I’m honest because a lot of the marketers that were there would be household names and it did take me a few minutes to get comfortable chatting to them but after that it was great fun. I’d definitely recommend getting to one of these events, as you say getting to know people face to face is a step up from emailing and PMs on Facebook!

        I think social media is a great introduction to someone but then getting to meet them in real life is a great advantage.


    • Roger Weavers

      Hi Noel,

      Sounds like you had a great time. I hope some of the success rubs off on you. I’d love to go to one of these events, not sure if I could keep up with the pace and stay up until 6.45am, I am sure the adrenalin helps.

      All the best
      Roger Weavers recently posted…Improve Conversion Rates & Increase Your Profits Without Increasing Your TrafficMy Profile

      • Noel

        Thanks Roger,
        It definitely motivated me no-end and since I’ve got home I’ve been a lot more focused in my online work. I’m after dropping a lot of activities that were taking up my time but not giving me results. I’m really treating it as a business now and working towards a couple of defined goals with a lot of effort.
        I’m sure you’d surprise yourself at an event Roger, I bet you could pull an all nighter no worries 🙂

    • Karl Dieterich

      Thanks for sharing your experience while at the networking event, Noel. It’s inspiring and motivating to hear that the big name IM’rs are friendly and helpful. I hope to make it to one of these events someday.

      Karl Dieterich recently posted…Product CreationMy Profile

      • Noel

        Thanks Karl, yes it was great that they were all so friendly and down earth. Really made the trip worthwhile.
        You should definitely get to an event sometime if you can.

    • Brian Oliver

      Hi Noel,
      Thanks for this post. I am looking forward to attending my first event in the UK in October. Long time off, but already getting excited.
      I am looking to create long term relationships in IM, and a face to face meeting is much friendlier than blasting out an email.
      Looking forward to reading more of your posts.


      Brian Oliver recently posted…Coming Soon – The List Building FormulaMy Profile

      • Noel

        That’s exactly it Brian, you can’t beat face-to-face interaction. If I’m thinking of the same event as you I’ll probably see you there 😉


    • Dean Thompson

      Hi Noel,

      Great to see you back.

      I really wanted to get to this event that you mention as it was fairly close to where I live, but unfortunately the J.O.B got in the way!

      I’m glad you enjoyed it and will take on board your recommendation and try to get to the next one.

      Networking with successful people can only be good in driving you forward in your own business.

      Dean Thompson recently posted…Alternatives to Google ReaderMy Profile

      • Noel

        Hi Dean,

        It was definitely a great motivator alright and I enjoyed the whole weekend. Looking forward to the next one now, from what I understand the organizers are holding another one at the same place in October, I’ll keep you posted when I know more.


    • Glenn Shepherd

      Hi Noel,

      Thanks for relating your experiences at the event. I imagine that you’re talking about the one in Manchester? I wasn’t able to attend which was especially frustrating for me as I live only about 5 miles away from the venue! I’m hoping to get to the next one though.

      I agree that getting to an event like this is an important opportunity to take, although I haven’t yet been to one. But if you think of the relationships, opportunities, networking, etc that we’re able to benefit from just through our online efforts, then imagine the kind of relationships we could forge and opportunities that could present themselves from actually spending time in person with successful marketers! I know of lots of people who have found their ‘break’ that way.

      All the best,
      Glenn 🙂
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Are You Consistently Consistent?My Profile

      • Noel

        Hi Glenn,

        Yes, it was the Marketing Summit in Manchester. You should def try and get to the next one. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough really.



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