Recently I’ve been researching how to Increase my Website Rankings in the Search Results by increasing my sites Load Speed. You see how fast your website loads is an important factor that Google takes into account and can be the difference between you being found in on Page One and disappearing from the search results altogether.

I’ve had personal experience with this as one of my best ranking sites totally disappeared from Google and with it went all the organic traffic that I was getting.

I couldn’t figure out why my site had been “slapped” and got the help of a friend of mine who would know a lot more about SEO than me. After a lot of investigating he told me that my site disappeared from the search engines because it was loading far too slow, and that Google was after penalizing me because of it.


Think about it this way…

Google wants to give it’s users the best experience possible when searching for things online, it wants to show it the best information from the best websites on the internet. One of the things it takes into account in it’s algorithm is Site Load Speed. And because my site was very slow it decided I wasn’t the best fit for my Keywords and so made me disappear from it’s results.

Basically my site got “Whacked!”

So obviously this was something I needed to address and I began to try and fix my sites load speed so that it would get back on Page One and my traffic would return. Because as we all know traffic is the Lifeblood of any online business and without it I was simply making no money.


I started using a WP Plugin called Rapid Ranker which optimizes any WordPress website so that it loads faster. It speeds up the way your site loads certain pieces of code like HTML and Javascript and especially Images so that when a visitor lands on your website it loads up super fast in their browser.

After first trying it I recorded a Real Time Speed Test to show you my “Before” and “After” Load Speeds after using Rapid Ranker. The results were pretty cool and I was able to Doubly My Website Speed by simply activating the plugin and without even touching the settings.

You can Watch this Video HERE if you want to see exactly how I did it.


But that was only one website and I began to think about all the different sites I have online. I have Blogs, Niche Sites and of course the Sales Pages and Members Areas for all my software products.

And I started to get a little worried…

Because my sites were obviously not loading as fast as they should they were probably all lagging a little in the Search Engines, but another factor at play here would be the Bounce Rate.

I began to think about all the revenue my business would have lost simply because visitors would exit my Sales Page because it was taking too long to load. Simply put having a slow website was costing me a lot of money and I needed to fix it, and fast!


So I decided to do another Case Study using one of my most popular software called Easy Ad Wizard.

I ran a Speed Test before installing Rapid Ranker and the results really shocked me.


“Before” Rapid Ranker Speed Test Results



As you can see above the results were in, and they were not good!

My site was running slower that 88% of all tested websites and was taking a massive 11.46 seconds to load.


Bearing in mind this was a Sales Page for one of my software it was really important that I get it running as fast as possible. I began to get a bit annoyed with myself as I thought about how many sales I would have lost simply because the site was taking too long to load and people left before checking out the software.

I knew this had to be improved and so installed Rapid Ranker on the site and then retested my speed.


“After” Rapid Ranker Speed Test Results



Now these Post-Rapid Ranker results were a little better to say the least.

My site was now faster than 57% of all tested websites which I thought was pretty good for a really long sales page with lots of Images and Videos on it.

And my Load Speed was now only 2.73 seconds – 4 X Faster than it was before.


To achieve this improvement all I did was Activate the Rapid Ranker Plugin and tick just 3 of it’s many settings. After watching the Tutorial Videos I thought I’d just start with the basic stuff so just chose the very simple options from it’s Settings Menu.

I’m sure if I used more of it’s features I could get the site even faster but I think a 4-fold increase on site speed is a good place to start!


What effect will this have for me?….

Well, simply put by speeding up this site by so much I am going to earn more income because my Bounce Rate is going to decrease dramatically. Now when a visitor lands on that site this really long webpage with tons of data will load really fast and they can get full information about the software. Whereas before many would have exited the site before it had finished loading because it was just taking too long.


And how can this benefit my other niche sites and blogs?….

I’m rolling Rapid Ranker out on all my sites with the main goal being to get Higher Rankings and More Traffic from Google. Because if Big G sees that my sites are loading so much faster than before they are going to give me higher rankings and get me back up the search results and back on Page One.

That’s the plan that I have for my websites because I know if I can give my visitors a better user experience by running a super fast site then the end result will be more income for my business.

It’s a no brainer when I think about it – I just wish I knew about all this before.


So if you want to Speed Up Your Websites then you can :

  • Watch My Real Time Speed Test Video Using Rapid Ranker HERE
  • Or Get More Information and Pick Up Your Copy of Rapid Ranker by going HERE

I don’t want this post to turn into a sales pitch so I’m going to stop there.


But….I would be interested to hear about your results if you do install Rapid Ranker on your sites. You can do a Before & After Speed Test Comparison and then post your results below in the Comments area or send them to me by email.

I’d be interested in hearing how you get on and what your results are like.


As always if you have any comments, opinions or thoughts on this post feel free to leave them below and I will respond to them all personally.

Thanks for reading.



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    2 replies to "How I’m Making More Money by Speeding Up My Websites"

    • James Hughes

      Hey Noel!
      Great informative post. The importance of website speed in conversions has come to the forefront. I am sure to take your advice on the matter.

      • Noel

        Hi James,

        Yes, the Case Study doesn’t lie. It very importance nowadays, both for rankings and reducing bounce rate.



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