For as long as I can remember I’ve been getting a monthly charge on my credit card to cover my Video Hosting Fees. It varies from month to month how much I pay but it’s generally between $10-30.

If things are kind of quiet it’s on the lower end of the scale but if I’m doing a product launch or running some big campaign it quickly jumps up. The reason for this is I pay for the amount of Data being used so the More Views I Get the More I Pay.

This all started when I began using a Video Player Software called Easy Video Suite. It’s a cool little player that integrates with Amazon and so to use it you need to have your videos hosted there. That’s where the extra fee’s come in because you are being charged by Amazon for the amount of data your use.

Looking back this probably wasn’t the wisest choice by me because not only did I get stuck with the Video Hosting Fees each month but I also shelled out Big Time when investing in Easy Video Suite – which by the time I had all the extra charges added cost me well over $400 (the joys of living in a country where VAT is added to online purchases lol)


But the great news is this is now a thing of the past…

You see I now have all my Videos being Hosted for Free thanks to an awesome little web based player that has all the Pro Features that I need for my business.

It’s called Monkey Playr and is created by a good friend of mine called Simon and the team over at Promote Labs – you’re probably familiar with them if you’ve been in the Online Scene for any length of time.

That’s kinda why I tried it out in the first place because I heard about it through the grapevine from them.



But how does Monkey Playr work?

You see, Monkey Playr is a top class player that Integrates with YouTube 🙂

That’s why you are able to Kill Off Your Video Hosting Fees Forever because you can simply host them for free on YouTube.

But we’ve always been able to do this right?

Well yes we have, but up until now YouTube wasn’t really suitable for us Marketers and Website Owners to power our videos through for a number of different reasons.

It didn’t give us all the Marketing Features, Tools and Tricks we needed to actually make sales with our videos.

And it also had a number of different drawbacks like not being able to Hide the Users Controls or the YouTube Branding Logo.

There are lots more but in essence using YouTube was a nice idea but not really suitable for most of us.


That’s is, up until now….

With Monkey Playr you can customize and control every aspect of how your video appears to your viewers – and all the while having it hosted and powered for Free on YouTube.

You can :

  • Start and Stop your Video Playing at exact times
  • Autoplay your Videos (great for Sales Pages)
  • Unbrand the Player
  • Set Exact Width and Height
  • Make your Videos Responsive
  • Disable Any Dropdowns or Annotations
  • Disable Full Screen Playback and Player Controls

plus lots more…

And one of the best aspects of it for me is that I can control and edit all my videos centrally from one dashboard. It makes it really easy to manage and control all my videos on all of my sites.


In my Demo Video I show you Behind the Scenes of all it’s Features and show you exactly how it’s saving me hundreds of dollars a year in Hosting Fee’s that I will never have to pay again.

If you have a few minutes free I’d love if you could watch it now and hopefully it can help you Kill Off Your Video Hosting Fee’s Forever and at the same time Make a Lot More Money from your Videos.



If you have any questions, comments or thoughts about this post feel free to leave them below and I’ll respond to them all personally.

Thanks for reading!



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    4 replies to "How to Kill Off Your Video Hosting Fees Forever"

    • Barry Joyce

      Hi Noel,

      An excellent article here, well done. I think this has made my mind up with monkey player with your great demo

      Thanks for sharing

      All the best


      • Noel

        Hi Barry,

        Thanks for the kind words. Yes, it’s a great tool, I’m loving it so far.

        And I hear from Simon that there is even more features coming shortly so keep an eye out in the next few weeks.



    • Chris Bernstein

      This kind of application damage your device without the owner knowing it!

      • Noel

        Ah no Chris, it definitely doesn’t damage anything – quite the opposite in fact.

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