Hello World and Welcome to my blog! My name is Noel Cunningham from Ireland. I’ve set up this blog to help me share with you my journey as I go forth and build a successful Online Marketing business from scratch! That’s why I’ve called this very first post “The Beginning” as I want this blog to act like my journal where I will share with you the exact steps that I am taking as I strive to climb the mountain and build a successful business.

I hope that this blog will be both entertaining and interesting to any of you who have ever though about setting up their own online business. Thankfully, I am not going on this journey alone, as I made the best decision of my life by signing up to the Alex Jeffrey’s coaching program. You see Alex is a normal guy, who after seeking out and learning from the best in the business has build his own Online Empire. Under his guidance I believe that I have one hell of a chance of doing the same! And the best thing about this? Is that I’m going to share all the lessons that I learn along the way with you here on the blog!

You are literally going to hear about everything – the good, the bad and the ugly! I hope it will aid you as you make your way on you’re journey to a successful future and all the benefits that will come with it. Already from the coaching that I’ve received I’ve learned so much about marketing and how the run a business you wouldn’t believe. It’s really amazing how much of a difference it makes when you have someone or a group of people working towards their goals (we have a community forum made up of Alex’s students) and how it motivates you beyond belief to drive forward and achieve!

So that is a very brief introduction to where I’m at now  and I’ll speak to you soon when I will be telling how I got on whilst trying to install my very own PPP (Profit Pulling Platform)

Exciting times ahead – Noel.



Easy going guy and founder of CunMark.com who enjoys traveling, live music and good coffee - as well as sharing tips and strategies on this blog to help others navigate the world of online marketing!

    6 replies to "The Beginning"

    • Brad Lees

      Hi Noel

      The blog’s looking good. I see from the post you made about time that you have paid good attention to Alex’s coaching.

      Entrepreneur, songwriter and internet marketer – what an eclectic mix! Keep following that path.


      • Noel

        Thanks for stopping by Brad – Yup, I’ve decided to heed Alex’s lessons to the letter! So here’s hoping for even a fraction of his success!

        So far so good, I think it’s going to be one hell of a ride for everyone!


    • Gerald

      Hi Noel, congrats on your blog. I am also a student of Alex and find his coaching absolutely brilliant. I have made a lot of mistakes in the past but I am excited about the future. To our success,

      • Noel

        Hey Gerald – great stuff, hope your finding the course as exciting as I am! Good to have you on board mate 😉
        – Noel.

    • Alice

      Hi Noel,

      Since you were kind enough to comment on my thread over at the WF, I thought I would take a look at your blog!

      I will definitely be taking a look at Alex’s coaching programme and look forward to reading more of your progress.

      I wish you the best of luck 🙂


      • Noel

        Hi Alice,
        No problem, you’re very welcome;) It was clear to me when I was reading your post that your in the right mindset i.e. looking for a mentor
        Just take your time, have a look who’s out there and make the best choice for you! If you need any help or have any question let me know.
        All the best,

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