Formula to Dominate Any Niche Market In Record Time

Formula to Dominate Any Niche Market In Record Time

I guess a lot of you reading this have come across product after product promising to show you the easy way to niche marketing? I know because I get the same hyped up emails myself! And you know what I do with them? Send them straight to thrash because in reality there is no “easy way” to niche marketing but there is a “smart way”….

You’d be right to be wary of all these shiny objects landing in your inbox because the majority of them are not as great as the product creator claims. Of course you will find some gems, the odd diamond in the rough, but it’s important to be able to distinguish these from all the “white noise” in your inbox.

I can remember the first time I tried my hand at niche marketing. It was in the fitness niche and I was trying to make affiliate sales on some bodybuilding ebook. It took me months to set-up my website, write review articles and wait and hope for the traffic to arrive. Unfortunately I only got a few visitors a day and over the course of 6 months of hard work only made a couple of affiliate sales. I’m sure if I worked it out I probably made only a few cents for each hour I put it….hardly the Internet Lifestyle everyone raved about?

Feeling pretty frustrated I continued on, always learning, always trying new techniques as I searched for something that worked. The good news is that overtime my stubbornness paid off and I have a pretty cool formula that I use when entering a new niche.

If it’s cool with you I’d like to outline my approach below and hopefully you’ll get something of value from it. Now this is a little different to traditional niche marketing but hopefully by the end you’ll see the bigger picture and just how powerful this approach can be when implemented.


Niche Selection : Where to Begin?
What I tend to do when picking a niche is go after what I call the “Passion Niches” These are things that people feel very strongly about and have very strong feelings on. This is a good place to start because if they are passionate about something they are more likely to take action and have an opinion.

Then what I do is open up Facebook and start searching for Fan Pages within that niche. Again the more competition the better, because the more popular something is the more chance of me making money is.

Have a look at this page for example about Labradors. It has over 1.3 MILLION Likes! Everyone who likes this page obviously has a Labrador and really loves them. Therefore we have a Passionate Audience and a Very Large Target Market.

Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 09.54.21

The next step would be….


Set-Up Niche Facebook Page
When you’ve found your niche you need to set-up your Facebook Fan Page. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, fill it out with some nice images and a cool timeline cover. Don’t spend too much time trying to perfect this step, we are still in the testing phase and just want to get this thing online as fast as possible.

A good idea here would be to follow what the more popular pages are doing and post similar content to them because if it works for them then it will work for you. No need to go overboard or re-invent the wheel here!


Get Lots of Fans Fast
What you need to do now is grow your Fan Page to at least 10k fans fast! How do you do this you might ask? Simple, you navigate into your Ad Manager and target choose your chosen niche.

Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 10.03.24

In this example I have set the following criteria :
Country : United States, Canada
Age : 18+
Both Men and Women who have listed Labrador or Labrador Retriever as a Precise Interest

Then navigate down to Campaign and Budget and select “Optimize for Impressions”

Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 10.03.56

I see a Suggested Big of $0.27 per thousand impressions. I would always tend to go lower than this, may $0.10-0.15

I keep an eye on these ads and see how they’re performing but as long as it doesn’t cost me more than a couple of cents per page like I’m happy.

The best I’ve gotten it is 4 Page Likes for each $0.01 spent so for $10 I could get 4k Page Likes 🙂 But even at 1 cent per Like you can still grow a page very quickly and would cost just $100 to get 10,000 new fans.


Build a Subscriber List
The next step in my system is to get as many of these Facebook Fans onto an email list so you can begin to build a relationship with them and email market to them. This can be down by making a status update of offering a Free Download of something and linking to a squeeze page.

Now this method works well but since I started doing it I’ve changed things up a little and have replaced my traditional squeeze pages with Surveys. The beauty of surveys is that they don’t give the impression to your prospect that they are being marketed to.

Instead you put up a status asking them for their opinion on something that you already know that they are passionate about. They click the link, complete the quick survey and THEN  you ask them for their email address.


The last step in my formula for Rapid Niche Domination is to market to this list and monetize them. Now may I stress at this point that it’s better to take things slow and build a relationship with your new subscribers instead of just hitting them with offer after offer.

Remember they are people just like me and you so treat them right and you’ll have a very active and profitable list to market to long into the future.

To monetize you have one of two options. The first being to send them to affiliate offers. You can find all sorts of things on Clickbank and Amazon and also stand alone sites that you can promote.

But you know what I’m getting more and more interested in? Creating and promoting my own products to my subscribers. Think about it, you’ve built a list in the Labrador niche, you’re posting daily on your FB Page all about Labs. How hard do you think it would be to create a simple little ebook that solves some problem that Labrador owners have with their dogs and then sell them this solution directly?

With a little bit of research and determination this can be a Goldmine for you. For example you’ve added 1,000 subscribers to your list and sell them a simple little ebook for $7.

You send 500 visitors to the sales page which converts at 10%. That’s 50 sales @ $7 = $350 to YOU!

Again, this is without an Upsell in place and you can Rinse & Repeat this as many times as you like.


Add in Continuity and Build Your Brand
If you wanted to take things to a whole new level I would suggest you add a membership subscription to your backend. Say you sell your eBooks for $7 why not offer your subscribers the chance to join your “Labrador Club House” for just $9.95 per month where they get Private Tips, Extra Resources etc. etc. etc.

Only 100 Members would earn you nearly $1,000 Recurring Income each and every month. Now imagine if you systemized this formula and rolled it out successfully in several different niches.

The results you could get would be incredible!

So the Next Step….
Sorry if this post got a little long near the end, I could really write a post about each one of these sections to fully explain everything. But I hope it gives you an idea and a different way to approach Niche Marketing that can see you get rapid results.

If you’d like to read more posts like this or have any questions/comments on what I’ve outlined please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Noel!
    Great tips for building a list quickly and inexpensively. I can certainly relate to spending a lot of time (and money) on a project only to realize it wasn’t paying off. But we’ve all been there paying our dues.
    Sucks at the time but it is a great learning experience.
    Fortunately, great tips like this article help speed the process along. Keep up the good work!
    Gary Chesnut recently posted…WarriorsMy Profile

    • Noel

      Thanks Gary, I’m glad you see the value in this concept.
      It’s no fun spending a lot of time on something only to get no results, can be very frustrating!
      All about Testing, Taking Fast Action and Measuring Results 😉

    • Noel

      Hey Sam,
      Thanks I appreciate you kind words, ya I know Chris (not personally) but I know him “online” so to speak.
      He’s a master of this kind of stuff, glad I was able to give you some info on this area. I’m doing a lot of work
      with FB recently so you’ll see a lot more from me on this topic.
      Thanks for dropping by,

  2. Jim


    Great post. One thing that I have seen, and started to use a little is the FanGate process on Facebook, where you drive advertising to the page and before you “let them in” you get them to like the page. This works more for topics that benefit from sharing rather than via email marketing, as in your post – but it is another angle for some niches.

    Thanks for the pointers though!

    Jim recently posted…The Million Dollar Question – AnsweredMy Profile

    • Noel

      That’s interesting Jim, thanks for sharing your thoughts and strategies on this.
      Very cool indeed.


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