Although I have been working online since 2012 there are some things that cannot be escaped, no matter how much experience one has.

And one of these things is… Failure.

It’s true, after all these years I still fail regularly.

I have Projects that Flop, Big Idea’s that go Nowhere and generally Hit a Brick Wall with certain problems that I just cannot figure out a solution for, no matter how much I try.

But unlike when I first began my Online Journey all those years ago, with experience comes a different perspective, and I now think of Failure differently.

Let me explain…

Nowadays when I Fail at something I don’t get down in the dumps (well not for long anyway…) and instead think of failure like this.

“Each Failure is a Step Closer to Success….”

And I use each Failure as a Benefit to Move Closer to Success and Quickly Improve my Results.

Now how I do this is something I believe can really help you, especially if you find yourself frustrated by a lack of results no matter how many hours you work at your online business.

Many of you already know that I love to travel and also that when I am abroad I try to Work as Little as Possible.

And that’s a Challenge for me – to Run my Business and continue to earn a living while cutting down on the hours that I work.

So many, many moons ago I began to Breakdown my Workday into Sections (or Projects) and Allocate a Time Limit to Each One.

I then set up a simple Google Sheet with each of these Work Sections/Projects outlined and each day before I started work, I entered the amount of time I had done in the relevant projects from the day before.

Some general examples of this could be…

  • Support – 15 Mins
  • Writing Emails – 45 Mins
  • Traffic / Lead Gen – 30 Mins
  • Misc Tasks – 15 Mins

Now before you do this for the first time it’s worthwhile to sit down with a coffee and brainstorm out the Sections/Projects that are relevant for your business.

But don’t get into too much detail. You only need the Big Umbrella Projects that can contain dozens of small tasks within them.

In my business I currently have 6 Sections/Projects that cover my entire business and that is more than enough for me to handle.

Now what happens when you get into the habit of filling in your Google Sheet with your Time each day?

You get Data my friend… Data šŸ™‚

After after a while you will easily see where you are spending your time.

And then you can Compare these Tasks to How Much Money they are Making for Your Business.

There’s no running from this Data and it will Quickly Point Out where You are Going Wrong and What Projects are Not Delivering Results.

I have been Tracking my Time like this for Years now and I will never stop doing it.

The reason is simple… it Works!

I have been able to Identify Projects that I have given a lot of time to but have totally flopped financially or have not given me enough of a return on my time to make them worthwhile to continue.

Now this will have an Immediate Impact…

Because when you stop working on the tasks that don’t deliver results you will all of a sudden have this Extra Time that you can now Allocate to Your Remaining Projects.

This alone is Priceless because as you know I work part-time hours online and due to this practice I still earn far more than the majority of marketers that I know.

It comes down to 2 Things I Believe Fully in… Time Management + Automation.

If I am strategic with my Time and Automate as much as possible, I don’t need to physically be sitting at my desk for hours each day tapping away at my keyboard.

And as a result I have more Freedom with my Time and have been able to craft a business that truly Works for Me…. and instead of Me Working for It.

But it’s not all a Bed of Roses and as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I still Fail regularly but unlike in my early days, I now use this Failure to my Advantage.

And by Tracking my Time I am able to Pin Point what Projects are Delivering the Goods and which ones need to be retired and free up that time for more productive tasks.

You must have a Logical Approach to your Online Projects and Remove Emotion from your Decision Making.

And when you start to do that and Put Your Time into Productive Tasks that Deliver Results and Generate Income, you can Quickly Make Progress and Take Big Steps Forward.

If you have any thoughts or questions about this post then feel free to share them in the Comments below ā€“ Iā€™d love to hear from you.

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As always, thanks for reading.

All the Best!



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    4 replies to "How to Quickly Transform Failures into Results"

    • Carl Rogers

      Interesting post Noel. I will try tracking my time and hopefully it will help me be more focused.
      I tend to bounce from shiny object to shiny object so I will definitely give it a shot!

      • Noel

        Great, that’s good to hear Carl!

    • Alex Nagel

      Thank you for your insightful post.
      I was taught on seminars and during my MBA to plan my day the previous evening
      so that when you arrive at office you are able to begin immediately.
      This has served me well over many years

      • Noel

        That’s a great tip Alex. I’m remember hearing the phrase “Plan you Tomorrow, Today…” a long time ago.

        Like you say, you plan out the next days tasks before you log-off for the evening. That way your mind is clear of work stuff, you can truly switch off, and then when you return the next day you are ready to go with your plan for the day.

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