I was listening to my mentor recently and he was explaining his reasoning behind his email marketing campaigns and how he has been able to greatly increase the success of his promotions.

I liked the idea, tried it for myself and thought it would be helpful to you all if I shared it here on the blog. As a lot of you know I’m currently studying with John Thornhill and one of the things I have been studying lately is how to increase the success of my email marketing campaigns. I’ve been testing out what John has termed the “Triple Threat” approach and it goes a little like this.

You send 3 separate emails promoting the same offer. Not just one or two but three, with each one educating and giving value to your readers. I’m sure like me you have noticed how marketers flood your inbox with different promotions day-after-day, each for the newest and greatest information product.

This is the fastest way possible to burn out your list and kill any relationship that you have developed with them. Think of it this way, how are you supposes to build a lasting and long-term relationship with your subscribers if all you are doing is hitting them with an unlimited amount of promotions? The answer of course is you can’t, and your list will soon tire of you and hit the unsubscribe button.

With the Triple Threat method you will send 3 emails within a 36-48 hour period all promoting just one affiliate offer. It’s crucial that you follow up with more than one email because you have to educate your list on the merits of what you’re promoting and demonstrate the value that it can add to their business.

Email 1 would introduce the product and educate your subs about what you’re promoting and why you think it would be worthwhile for them to check it out. It’s important at this stage to give them some information about the product and not just email them a link hoping that they will click it and buy whatever is on the other side.

Treat your list wisely and add value by telling them how this product can benefit them and help them on their way to achieving their goals.

Email 2 should be sent around 12-18 hours later and is used as a reminder to reinforce the message you conveyed in the first email. Try to bring about a little urgency in this email and get your readers to take action.

If there is only a day or so left in the product launch before the price rises then tell your readers this as it will spur them into action and force any of those who are sitting on the fence to take action.

Email 3 is where you really up the urgency and have some notice such as “Final Call for…” in the title. This will let your subs know that this will be the last chance that they have to get their copy before the product closes or the price goes up. Either way this final email will bring the best results and you’ll always see more sales on this promotion.

That is the general idea of the “Triple Threat” method and I’m sure you can understand how useful it could be. It completely changes your lists perception of you. No longer are you just like every other marketer who sends a different promo everyday.

You are now highlighting one quality product and over the course of 3 emails you illustrate the value and explain the benefits and strengths that it could bring to them. You’ll find that your subs will appreciate this and you’ll reap the reward by having better stats and earn higher commissions.

So that’s my email marketing tip for today, try it out for yourself and see do you get any improvements over your previous campaigns.

Do you have any other tips? Please share them below…

Thanks for reading,


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    15 replies to "Triple Threat Method For Big Commissions"

    • Paul Conway

      Hey Noel

      You read my mind 😉 I have been looking at how I can better my email marketing campaigns and increase my opening rate/click through to product/service offer.

      Thanks for sharing this info as always it is much appreciated.


      • Noel

        Hi Paul,
        No worries at all, glad to be of service;)
        – Noel.

    • Deepak

      I am a little confused if I should stick with just the email or whether I should write something as a blog post and link to it as well. When people comment about the product, it reinforces social proof and may be more people will buy.

      Noel, please reply with your thoughts or decisions on whether to link to a blog post during an affiliate promotion.

      • Noel

        Hi Deepak,
        Sure you could def write a blog post about a product you’re promoting – no problem with that at all. The Triple Threat Method is specifically about email marketing but you could link to a blog post where you educate your readers about the product, then give them a clear call to action near the end.
        I know a few marketers do video reviews of stuff their promoting and right below the video they’ll have their affiliate link and a clear CTA. If you have the time that would be great, if not just put your effort into writing good email swipes and send off to your list.

        Hope that helps,
        – Noel.

    • Roger

      Hi Noel,

      Great tip. I see these types of emails coming into my inbox but never tried this sort of thing.
      I will definitely try and put this into my email campaigns.


      • Noel

        Sure Roger, let me know how you find it and if you notice any improvements in results.
        – Noel.

    • Dean Thompson

      Hi Noel,

      I think this is a good strategy and one that other marketers need to to get to grips with.

      It only takes a second to unsubscribe from someone’s list and this is what I’ve done recently with a lot of marketers.

      Constant cold selling just doesn’t work. A short email explaining the benefits of a product followed up by similar emails will keep clients on board much better than the ‘in your face, click on this’ techniques.

      The relationship with your list is so important, but so many people are failing to see tbis.


      • Noel

        That’s exactly it Dean, I’ve been searching for better ways to market and when John explained how his system to me it just made sense. Pick just one quality product and put your full weight behind it instead of just blasting your list with a different offer every single day.

        It’s all about the relationship, no doubt about it!

        – Noel.

    • Sylvia

      Great tips about email marketing. I am often afraid to “bother” subscribers with ongoing emails, the way you laid it out makes it easy to see how a series can be created that is beneficial to everyone.
      Love you tips.

      • Noel

        Hi Sylvia,
        That’s awesome, glad you liked it 😉
        – Noel.

    • Christine Brady

      Hi Noel,

      This is a great strategy and one that I’m glad has a name!

      Just as you said, it’s about reinforcing the goal of that particular campaign. I can see how over a 3-email cycle, this becomes very profitable. I’ve done it, but not within that time frame.

      Will have to try that out.


      Have a great day!


      • Noel

        Great stuff Christine, I hope it works well for you 😉

        – Noel.

    • Steve Fitzpatrick

      I have had to unsubscribe to a lot of people recently just so I could stop being distracted by looking at every new shiny offer.

      But what my mentor Alex Jeffreys has told me is to not pay so much attention to the offer but look at the way these other marketers are emailing to me. By doing this you can take a few little nuggets for yourself to try and increase your own conversion rates. I don’t yet have a list but I am looking forward to implementing some of your tactics too Noel.


      • Noel

        That’s a great piece of advice Steve, I do that too. I’m only on a handful of lists now but it’s amazing what you can learn from other marketers and “how they market”
        Good luck with Alex, he’s a good coach. Hope it continues to go well for you!

        – Noel.

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