I want to do something different today as I hit my 7 Year Anniversary of Working Online and so I’m going to share 3 Important Lessons I have learned along the way.

Now I’m sure you’ll agree that 7 years is a long time in everyday life but in the online world it’s a lifetime.

I have seen so many people come and go and the fact that I’m still here and growing each year means I must be doing something right?

So here are 3 Important Lessons that I have learned and I hope they make your journey to success that little bit easier…

Lesson 1 : Build a Solid Foundation that Can Last

A big problem I see online is that people are chasing a dream, but are not willing to put in the work necessary to make their dream a reality.

Now I’m not blaming them because it is not their fault.

There are many “Push Button” systems being flaunted on a daily basis and in my opinion you need to avoid these like The Plague.

The reason for this is that in order to last you need to Build a Solid Foundation.

The latest and greatest fad product will not help you do this. You need to stick to the Fundamentals of Marketing that have always worked and will always work.

And that is to Provide a Solution to a Problem that your Target Audience is having.

If you do that you will be in business.

Lesson 2 : Do Not Follow the Crowd

I’m not a big tv guy but I really love listening to audiobooks and podcasts. I’ll listen to pretty much anything but I especially like listening to books from big business leaders and entrepreneurs that I can look up to.

I never fail to pick up a gold nugget or two in each book and they are a great way to keep motivated when times get tough.

One piece of advice I have heard repeated in countless of these books is that You Must Not Follow the Crowd…

This is so true in our Online World because most people are not making a good living at it, no matter what they post on FB. Often the reality is a lot different to what their social media presence would suggest.

And the majority of people never make it online. It’s just the sad truth of the matter.

But how do you get ahead? And do so quickly?

You need to start thinking outside the box and do things differently to what the masses are doing.

So if you see everyone is jumping on a certain craze don’t immediately jump onboard because these kind of fads usually burn out fast.

Look for your own path and don’t worry about competing with others.

You’ll be surprised by the ideas you will come up with and then you’ll be able to dominate your own space.

This is something I’ve played around with a lot in recent years and I have seen a massive spike in my results so I know it’s solid advice for you to take on board.

Lesson 3 : Find a Good Mentor

Being able to work and learn under a Mentor is the best way I know for getting where you want to go in the shortest space of time.

After a lot of research I found my first and only Mentor back in 2012 and I’m still with the same person today.

They never put me wrong, always give me great advice and are a great support when I need to bounce ideas off someone and get an honest opinion.

The real test here is to find the right person, the right Mentor who can help you the most.

I know when I found my Mentor I did a lot of research online and had 3 guys on my shortlist.

I ended up choosing the one I have because he comes from a similar background to myself and I could relate to him better than the other 2 guys who were great, but a bit too flashy for my liking.

So it’s definitely worth taking your time and finding the right person for you because you will be working with them closely so it’s important you have a good relationship and something in common.

Once you take these 3 Lessons onboard and use them in your business I’m sure you will be more Focused on your Goals and more Productive as you go forward Building Your Own Online Business.

So that’s it guys – 3 Lessons Learned from 7 Years of Working Online! Do you have any Advice from Your Online Business? Let Me know in the Comments Below…

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    6 replies to "3 Important Lessons Learned from 7 Years of Working Online"

    • John


      I was culling my email list (drowning in daily emails). I was planning on starting at the most recent and going down from there. Your email with this article was the most recent email in my box.

      I looked at the email and it got my interest. I opened the link to this article. Short quick read but very profound for me. I liked it, I liked it alot.

      Thanks for your wisdom. Very much appreciated.

      PS You survived the cull and I will look deeper at your material.

      • Noel

        Hi John, thanks for your kind words and I’m glad I survived the cull (I must do that myself soon and try reclaim my inbox!)

        Feel free to reply to any of my emails if you need help with anything.



    • Pat Henning

      Finding a good Mentor is very important because they will keep you focused and on track. It’s so easy in this game to get stuck in a cycle of buying shiny object after shiny object but having someone there in your corner, to point you in the right direction is a massive help.

      Thanks for the post Noel and congrats on hitting your 7 Year Anniversary!

      • Noel

        Thanks Pat and you are right about breaking free from buying shiny objects, that’s something that holds a lot of people back so if you have a mentor on hand who can help you do that you will fast track your own success a lot. Cheers!

    • Sandra

      Hi Noel, I think that Building a Solid Foundation is so important. I know it’s easy to get distracted and chase the quick money online but in my experience that never works out well. Keeping with the tried and tested and building something for the long term is a lot better IMO.

      • Noel

        Great advice Sandra, I totally agree with you!

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