Recovery from a Hacking Nightmare and How I Now Back-Up All My Sites

Recently I released a video to our customers where I told them a story about how I woke up one morning to discover I had lost 7 of my websites to hackers, and the whole nightmare that unfolded from there and the process I had to go through to clean up and recover some of…

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8 Reasons to Use Infographics in Your Business

A few weeks ago I brought out a new software app called Easy Infographics Wizard which allows anyone to create awesome looking infographics for their websites. And what I’d like to do today in this post is briefly outline some of the benefits of using Inforgraphics in your business and how easy it can be…

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How I’m Making More Money by Speeding Up My Websites


Recently I’ve been researching how to Increase my Website Rankings in the Search Results by increasing my sites Load Speed. You see how fast your website loads is an important factor that Google takes into account and can be the difference between you being found in on Page One and disappearing from the search results…

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Using Facebook to Build Authority and Grow Your Business


The growth of Facebook and social networks in general over the past few years have made them very popular with Internet Marketers. The fact that you can build an audience of rabid fans in your niche in such a small space of time makes it the perfect place to hang out and start expanding your…

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